EndoPilot² Obturation

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Modular all-in-one solution for endodontics

Length measurement + filling technology

The EndoPilot² obturation set is an ideal unit for carrying out thermoplastic fillings. The filling technology consists of a down-pack for heating and separating gutta-percha pins and a BackFill gun. The integrated down-pack enables three-dimensional filling of the apical third. The use of the high-quality BackFill gun ensures comfortable thermoplastic filling of the middle and coronal thirds. The pistol grip lever is easy to operate and enables optimum control of the flow rate and filling process.
Different temperatures can be selected via the touch display and reached in a short heating time thanks to a powerful control system.

The EndoPilot² is developed and produced in Germany to guarantee the highest quality standards and is ideal for practitioners who demand the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency.

Expandable by:
Ultrasonic extension set
Pump module + accessories

Components of the EndoPilot² Obturation set:

Control unit:

  • EndoPilot² control unit with 7’ touch display
  • Med. Power supply unit 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Wireless foot control, single, bluetooth
  • Apex cable set


  • EDP motor with ISO-E standard & LED display and integrated apex contact
  • EDP contra-angle handpiece, 1:1, insulated, ISO-E standard
  • Motor holder right

Filling technology:

  • DownPack/backfill holder left
  • Down-pack handpiece, with LED display
  • Heating tip size: fine
  • Obtura back-fill gun
  • Gutta Percha Bar (100 pieces/box)
  • Protective sleeve (4 pieces/box)
  • Needles Obtura Ø25 ga (5 pieces/box)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Cleaning set


Repair and warranty:
Schlumbohm® offers an unlimited repair service and a one-year guarantee.

Delivery is exclusively to specialised circles from industry, medicine and trade.

There is no right of return for sterile products or sealed goods

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