The modular all-in-one solution for endodontics

The EndoPilot² series offers a complete modular solution for endodontic treatment and is ideal for users who demand the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. The intelligent endomotor has a patented length measurement during preparation and can be expanded on a modular basis. The extension includes an ultrasonic module and the option of a pump module for the irrigation function. The obturation module includes a DownPack handpiece with heating tip and a BackFill gun for thermal filling.

Advantages of the EndoPilot²

  • Battery life of 16 hours
    The high-quality lithium-polymer battery offers a runtime of 16 hours. In addition, a medical power supply allows unrestricted use of the device even while charging.
  • ReFlex movement
    The patented ReFlex movement detects the area in which the instrument is loaded and adjusts the movement of the motor individually, minimising file breakage
  • Modular upgradeable to a complete solution
    The modular design enables flexible retrofitting of functions such as obturation, ultrasound and a peristaltic pump.
  • Highest accuracy thanks to pulse measuring method
    Unlike conventional 2-frequency measuring methods, measurement results from the patented pulse measuring method cannot be falsified by up and down movements of the contra-angle handpiece.
  • Intelligent safety functions
    A 7’ touch display shows the position in the root canal in real time. The speed is reduced when approaching the apex. When the desired working length is reached, the motor stops automatically.
  • Free updates and further developments
    With a simple update via microSD card, you will always be up to date. New files and functions can be installed free of charge by the user.

What endodontics specialists say

Dr. Christian Böhme | Hamburg

Endodontics specialist | About the EndoPilot²

‘For me, the EndoPilot means absolute reliability. As a consultant for various companies, I have had many Endomotors in my practice and the differences to the EndoPilot are clearly noticeable.’


Dr. Christian Friedrichs | Kiel

Endodontics specialist | About the EndoPilot²

‘The EndoPilot² combines all the devices you need for endontology and is therefore, as the saying goes, a jack of all trades’


More about the EndoPilot²

Pulse measuring method

Precise measurement results in real time with automatic interference detection. Find out in our blog what the EndoPilot2's dynamic pulse measurement method has over static measurement methods.

ReFlex movement

The most modern type of reciprocating drive: the patented ReFlex movement. It recognises the risk of instrument fracture and reacts with relief movements depending on the location and intensity of the file jamming.

Motor & Winkelstück

Apex measurement depends on the quality of the contra-angle handpiece. Find out in our blog what distinguishes the contra-angle handpiece of the EndoPilot2 from simple device solutions and how you can recognise a high-quality contra-angle handpiece.

Gerald und Luisa Schlumbohm

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German family-owned medtech for +50 years

As an independent family business, we specialise in the manufacture of dental devices for endodontics. We have been developing and manufacturing our products in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein for over 50 years.

As a manufacturer, our proximity to our products also pays off in terms of service: There is no need to wait endlessly in telephone waiting loops with us. We know our devices and are always available to you with our expertise.
It is our aim to know the wishes of our users and to align our new developments with them in order to shape the future of endodontics together.

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