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Who can I contact if I have questions or problems regarding a purchased product?

If you have any questions or problems, a click path in the Service menu will take you to a solution or a suitable contact person who can help you further. Frequently asked technical questions are answered in the FAQ.

Does Schlumbohm offer a repair service?

Yes, if you have problems with one of our endomotors or another product, we will repair it for you sustainably and at a fair price. A repair takes us an average of one week.

Apex measurement

Display: Why is mm information not shown in the display?

As all ApexFinder devices measure electrical conductivity rather than distance, the display is only relative (in the mathematical sense) and not absolute. Printing a unit of mm would be misleading. There are devices from the past that suggest by their display that millimetres are measured, but the instructions for use always explain that these are not millimetre measurements.

Instrument size: Do different instrument sizes influence the measurement result?

The size of the instruments has no significant influence on the results.

Sodium hypochlorite: Does sodium hypochlorite influence the apex measurement?

Sodium hypochlorite increases the current flow due to the presence of ions. All apex measuring devices therefore tend to display the apex somewhat earlier under sodium hypochlorite. This can be counteracted by moving the apex marking line further up.

X-ray: Does the apex locator of the EndoPilot allow the user to dispense with X-rays?

The number of X-rays required can certainly be reduced. However, the user should continue to take control shots.

Interference variables: What conditions (on the tooth) interfere with the apex measurement?

Cracks in the tooth, old conductive fillings, blocked canals (blockage) and lateral canals have a negative effect on the measurement.

BackFill gun

Disassembly: How can the BackFill gun be disassembled for cleaning?

The procedures are described in the instructions for use, in the reprocessing instructions. You can find them in our download area.

GuttaPercha exchange: What happens to the GuttaPercha in the gun after use?

The gun should be cleaned after treatment. A new needle should be used. It is advisable to squeeze the remaining gutta-percha out of the gun while it is still warm.

Manufacturer: Is the gun from Obtura?

Yes, the Max III BackFill gun is from Obtura. Obtura has long been known for its BackFill guns. It is a well-proven product that has been optimised for the EndoPilot.


Preparation: How is the device cleaned?

It is intended that reprocessing (cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation, maintenance and care) is carried out after each use; the procedures can be found in the reprocessing instructions in the appendix to the instructions for use. The instructions are organised in a table and can be detached.

Products: Can the device be reprocessed with the usual disinfectants?

Cleaners and disinfectants must be suitable for the respective object. Unfortunately, in some practices, cleaners that are actually only intended for drills are also used for appliance surfaces. Damage and discolouration are the result.
The suitability of the cleaners and disinfectants from Dürr Dental www.duerrdental.com mentioned in the reprocessing instructions has been tested. It is recommended to use these cleaners. If the user uses other cleaners, he must validate the result.


Heating tips from other manufacturers: Can heating tips from other manufacturers be used?

This has not been tested, the DownPack handpiece has not been developed for this purpose. As the different tips available on the market have different electrical values, it is to be expected that different output values will result when used with the DownPack. Damage to the device cannot be ruled out.

Bending heating tips: Can tips be bent to fit the duct?

Yes, this is possible within certain limits.

Lifespan: How long do the tips last?

Depending on the application and stress (due to bending), they will eventually fail after a number of applications and sterilisations. There are users who have been able to perform well over 100 applications with the same needle.

Temperature setting: The values that can be selected seem quite high, isn't 140°C enough?

The temperatures shown by the device are temperatures in the air without a cooling gutta-percha. The temperature drops quickly during operation due to the low mass of the needle. The temperatures of other pluggers are comparable.


Reset settings: How can the file data be reset to the factory settings?

The menu offers the ‘Reset to factory settings’ function.


Torque monitoring: How is the motor torque controlled?

The controller measures the electrical power consumed, as the torque is equivalent to the power, this works 100%. With the exception of a few devices, all endomotors work in this way. The modern digital technology of the endo motor ensures an incredibly fast, smooth switch-off. The torque is monitored in both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

Sterilisation: Can the endomotor be sterilised?

No, only the contra-angle handpiece and some other components: Lip clamp, heat protection sleeve etc. can be steam sterilised. The motor can be sterilised by wipe disinfection.

Stop at apex approach: What happens during torque reduction at apex approach?

Many devices have a reversal of direction of rotation when the apex limit is reached, which has the disadvantage that dirt is conveyed into the depths. By reducing the torque, we ensure a gentle approach and largely avoid anti-clockwise rotation.

Motor stops very quickly: The motor stops too quickly with small files, what could be the cause?

The friction of the contra-angle handpiece consumes a significant proportion of the power in relation to low torque values. As a result, the torque limit is reached more quickly. It must be calibrated under ‘Option’.

Contra-angle handpiece

Special features: What is special about the EndoPilot contra-angle handpiece?

The patented contra-angle handpiece is designed in such a way that no additional insulation is required.
With other endomotors on the market, an additional protective sleeve must be pulled over the contra-angle handpiece.

External contra-angle handpieces: Which contra-angle handpieces can I attach?

All standard contra-angle handpieces with ISO coupling and 1:1 ratio. If other transmission ratios are selected, the speed and torque are changed (the specifications for the file are then not complied with) Apex measurement is only possible using the fully insulated EndoPilot contra-angle handpiece.

Calibration not possible: The device indicates that calibration is not possible, what are the causes?

Dirt and treatment fluids such as sodium hypochlorite may get into the contra-angle handpiece and significantly increase friction. Immediately after use, the contra-angle handpiece should be sprayed with care oil to remove dirt.

Calibration: Why do I need to calibrate?

The calibration compensates for the inherent friction, i.e. the losses of the contra-angle handpiece
If it is not calibrated, the output power at the file is lower and, in extreme cases, the motor does not start at all at very low torque values (small file selected). It should be calibrated after each sterilisation of the contra-angle handpiece or if it has been replaced.