Bone mill KM 3

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Collecting autologous bone material with the KM-3 bone mill

To correct larger bone defects, bone is often harvested from other intraoral sites.
The larger pieces of bone, or bone blocks, are cut out using a trephine drill, for example.
cut out. The bone mill is used for the targeted comminution of these bone blocks.
The aim is to produce the largest possible volume of bone chips from the bone blocks.
The chips should be easily adaptable in the bone bed. This requires the chips to have a granular consistency.
consistency of the chips is necessary. The mill made of vacuum-hardened, high-strength special steel makes ‘bone work
made easy’.

The special roller
The special cutting roller has been developed for the KM-3 bone mill to obtain granular bone chips.
bone chips. The cutting drum has straight, serrated and easy-to-clean cutting edges
with a special serrated edge. The result is short, granular pieces of bone with a maximum length of
length of 1.6 mm. Granular bone chips produced in this way are easier to apply and provide a more stable
a more stable basis for the formation of new bone. Thanks to the special serrated edge, the
operation of the grinder is possible without great effort.

The application
These bone pieces are inserted into the inlet of the KM-3 bone mill and pressed onto the cutting roller with the pressure piece.
onto the cutting roller. Then, by turning the handle and simultaneously pressing down the pressure piece
the cutting process is then carried out by turning the handle and simultaneously pressing down the pressure piece. In the bone mill
the cutting edges of the special cutting roller ensure that the bone pieces are easily chopped.
By varying the contact pressure and the speed of rotation of the handle, the size of the particles
the size of the particles that fall down into the grinder’s disc. This means that the piece of bone is
processed almost loss-free. Cutting the bone is also gentler and preserves the structure of the bone material.
and preserves the structure of the bone material.

Technical data
Roller Ø 20 mm
Inlet opening 13 x 8 mm oval
made of stainless steel
with vacuum-hardened special cutting roller:
-produces more granular bone material
-reduces the cutting force

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